Overview of Abington School District

Our Mission

Building upon the historical and culturally diverse roots of our community and its proud traditions, and recognizing the uniqueness of each student, the Abington School District promotes excellence as our standard and achievement as the result.

Our Vision

Abington Schools will be future-forward, innovative learning environments. Promoting student excellence and achievement in academic and co-curricular exploration, with a focus on inclusive and equitable practices, will ensure our students are prepared for the challenges of the future.

Educational Values


Students play an active role in their learning, as well as in the promotion of a safe and secure school environment. With a focus on growth mindset, it is understood that a commitment to excellence is essential and worth the effort.


Understanding diversity to be both a strength and an asset, Abington School District staff actively engage students in innovative and differentiated educational opportunities, recognizing learning occurs in different ways and at different rates. Promoting collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking, District staff prepare students for the challenges of the future.


The administrators of Abington School District promote equitable practices for school district stakeholders. They recognize diversity as a strength and an asset, and active stakeholder engagement as essential to the educational process. Through allocation of appropriate resources, development of the whole student is promoted, with emphasis on social/emotional learning as well as academic achievement.


Through their support of the academic program, as well as promotion of a safe, inclusive, and equitable learning environment for all students, parents/guardians are partners in the mission and vision of Abington School District. Parent/guardian communication and collaboration with school district staff and administrators fosters students’ social, emotional, and academic growth.


Community involvement is essential to Abington School District’s place as a quality school district. The District’s mission, “Excellence is Our Standard; Achievement is the Result,” is achieved through the community-based resources and opportunities provided to its students.

For more information, please see the Abington School District Comprehensive Plan for 2022-2025

Abington School District – Facts & Figures


  • Northern suburb of Philadelphia in Montgomery County

  • Includes Abington Township and Borough of Rockledge

  • 15.2 square miles, primarily residential

  • Total Abington/Rockledge population (2020 census): 61,045

District Organization/Enrollment 2023-2024

  • Elementary schools (K-5): 3,769

  • Abington Middle School (6-8): 2,046

  • Senior High School (9-12): 2,797

  • Total enrollment: 8,612

Personnel 2023-2024

  • Professional staff positions: 713

  • Supporting staff positions: 529

Future Plans of Graduates (Class of 2023)

  • Higher Education: 77%

  • Employment: 21%

  • Military: 2%

Budget 2023-2024

ESSA Federal Report