Volunteer Information

All ASD volunteers play a key role in supporting staff, students, sports programs and other activities in our school.  Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer. 

All new, and renewing volunteers must complete the online volunteer application.  As part of this application, you must upload the documents listed below.   In order to serve as a volunteer, this application must be completed and approved by the Office of Human Resources.

Please read the below detailed information regarding the paperwork and clearances required to serve as a volunteer.  

All volunteers are required to complete the following mandatory paperwork:

  1.  PA State Police Request for Criminal Records Check (Act 34)  

  2. Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151)

  3. For volunteers who have not lived in PA for the last ten years - the Federal Criminal History is required. Applicants must use the following service code -1KG6XN - Pennsylvania PDE-School Districts

  4. For volunteers who have lived in PA for the last ten years - the Affidavit of Residency is required.

For detailed instructions regarding how to apply for the clearances - click here.

All volunteers are required to obtain clearances. “Volunteer” is defined as an adult in an unpaid volunteer position who is responsible for the welfare of a child or who has direct contact with children. Direct contact shall mean care, supervision, guidance or control of children or routine interaction with children. Any adult who is individually responsible for the children’s welfare, directly caring for, supervising, guiding or controlling the children are required to obtain clearances. Any volunteer who is present and working with students one or more times per week will be presumed to be a volunteer and must obtain clearances.  All new volunteers must obtain clearances.  All clearances must be dated less than one year at the time of joining our district's volunteer team.  Thereafter, all clearances must be renewed every 60 months. 

Detailed instructions for completing the volunteer application can be accessed below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I submit my volunteer paperwork?   Volunteer paperwork must be submitted online through the volunteer application by following this link.  Complete the online application and upload your clearances to the appropriate page. 

Why do I need clearances?  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires any person in direct contact with school children to complete background checks.  You can read more on the PA Department of Education’s Website

If you are unable to complete the online application, you may contact our office and we will assist you.

Please contact our office at 215-881-2509 or via email at hr@abington.k12.pa.us.

Please click on this link to access the 2023-2024 Volunteer Handbook