Student Services

The Student Services Department assists all students in achieving optimal health and personal, interpersonal, academic and career development. The department is responsible for overseeing the overall wellbeing of the child, including all Learning, Emotional, Autistic, Life Skills, Speech and Language, and Gifted Support Programs across Abington School District.

Student Services staff members are committed to serving as advocates for students in order to promote high expectations, and to provide assistance in creating and maintaining a positive school climate and a safe environment. The success of this mission is accomplished through effective coordination of home, school, and community resources. To contact the Student Services Department, email us.

For Student Services staff at the elementary level, please click here. For Student Services staff at the secondary level, please click here. For more information about Abington School District’s equity initiatives, please visit the web page of the District Equity Officer

For more information on our other services, please visit the following pages:


Dr. Robert Rosenthal
Director of Pupil Services
Email Dr. Robert Rosenthal

Dr. Carmen Lesesne
District Equity Officer
Homeless Liaison
Email Dr. Carmen Lesesne

Ms. Marie Capitolo
Director of Special Education
Email Marie Capitolo

Mr. Joseph Tagliaferro
Supervisor of Student Services
Email Joseph Tagliaferro

Mr. Rob Howe
Department Chair of Gifted Education
Email Rob Howe

Mr. Steven Hochwind
Coordinator of Safety and School Police Officer
Email Steven Hochwind

Mr. Michael Begley
School Police Officer
Email Michael Begley

Ms. Christiana Emerson
Home and School Visitor
Email Christiana Emerson
215-517-2850, ext. 2551

Ms. Brooke Jacobs
Home and School Visitor
Email Brooke Jacobs
215-517-2850, ext. 2178

Ms. Rose Walsh
Home and School Visitor
Email Rose Walsh
215-517-2850, ext. 5686