Attendance / “Child Check” for Absences

Please know that calling Child Check and sending an absence note into school with your child are acceptable formats of reporting attendance; however we encourage you to enter the information through Skyward whenever possible. After signing in, select Attendance from the menu, then Absence Requests/Add Absence Request. Fill out the form and identify a specific illness in the comment box if your child is sick. Be sure to click Save or Submit when finished. 

Attendance Reporting and Child Check Numbers

  • Copper Beech Elementary School: 215-881-2011

  • Highland Elementary School: 215-884-1048, press 2

  • McKinley Elementary School: 215-663-0430, press 2

  • Overlook Elementary School: 215-657-0857, press 2

  • Roslyn Elementary School: 215-884-3368, press 2

  • Rydal Elementary School: 215-517-2724

  • Willow Hill Elementary School: 215-657-3800, press 2

Attendance Policies and Procedures

When an elementary student is absent from school, parents/guardians must either enter the absence through Skyward or call the child check number or elementary school office listed above between the hours of 4:00 p.m. the day before and 9:00 a.m. each day the student is absent. Parents/Guardians of Middle School and Senior High school students are asked to enter the absence through Skyward or call the appropriate Attendance Office on the morning of their student’s absence.

If a notification is not received, staff and/or the attendance clerk will call to verify that the absence is for a legitimate reason. Within three days after the student returns to school, a signed absence card, email or note from the parent/guardian must be presented. Absence cards are distributed at the opening of school and are available from teachers. The failure of the parent/guardian to provide a written excuse will cause the absence to be categorized as “unexcused.” All absences beyond ten cumulative days shall require an excuse from a physician. Please note the word “illness” is not a legal excuse according to PA law. It must be defined, i.e., “sore throat.” Absence due to family trips will always be recorded as unexcused.

When a student has three days of unexcused absence, the school may coordinate a school attendance improvement conference to discuss the cause for the child’s truancy.

For the Superintendent’s Administrative Procedure Regarding Absences and Lateness, including a list of definitions, please click here